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Faster browser and more in Zune HD update v4.3


It's now been a few months since the Zune HD starting popping up in our favorite electronics retailers, but for those of us who actually took the plunge, we have now been rewarded. Over the weekend, Microsoft released a new firmware update for the challenger from Redmond, bringing the version to 4.3, more speed to the browser, and a fix for a playcount bug that had been plaguing many users.

In addition to those improvements, there are quite a number of other tweaks and fixes. Some of the more notable ones are predictive text entry, full-width landscape keyboard, and faster startup along with faster app launching and closing. Also making the cut is an improved tap-to-zoom feature in the browser and a setting to choose either a mobile or desktop version of a website.

Since we reviewed the Zune HD back in September, I have used mine sparingly due only to the fact that I simply juggle too many devices. However, this new update fixes many of the issues I had, like the browser speed and the small landscape keyboard, so now I'm looking forward to bringing my Zune out of semi-retirement.

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Chris King

Chris King is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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