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Hallods launches F43 PMP with an actual 720p HD screen


A new HD-capable PMP launch is usually a routine affair with most devices having similar specifications and featuring WVGA (800×480) screens only suitable for displaying standard definition 480p video files. Hence in most cases, the extra resolution of HD video is wasted when viewed on the device unless you output the video to an external HD screen using HDMI for example.

That's about to change with the launch of the first HD-capable PMP with an actual HD screen. The Hallods F43 from Japan features a 4.3" screen with a resolution of 1280×720 complying with the 720p HD standard. Behind the impressive screen, the F43 includes 8GB of internal storage, support for microSD (16GB), and battery life for 10 hours of music and 4 hours of video. Codec support includes all the usual suspects for video, audio, and images including MPEG4, FLV, H.263, AVI, RM, DivX, MP3, FLAC, APE, and WAV.

From what I've gathered, the F43 does not have a touchscreen and relies on conventional buttons on top of the unit to navigate the simple interface and control the playback of media. Although the device supports output to a TV, it ironically appears to be limited to standard definition rather than HD since there is no sign of an HDMI output. The benefits of watching HD video on such a small screen are also questionable.

But for those in the market for a PMP to watch HD videos on the move, the F43 sets a new benchmark with its HD screen. It is available now in Japan for 16,800 yen (around US$188), representing pretty good value. There is no news on its availability outside of Japan, but there are a couple on eBay for $270 and we can expect it to be added to the catalog in the near future.


[Hallods via Akihabara News]

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