HTC HD2 to accessorize with capacitive stylus and extended battery

Htc_hd2Accessories are not the only reason to choose a certain device over another, but it seems to work in the case of the iPhone, so HTC apparently thought its hot HD2 could use a bit of bolstering in this area and is coming out with a few offerings. Sometime next year, hopefully not long after we can get our hands on the Snapdragon-powered, large capacitive-screened superphone, we'll also be able to put these new accessories to good use.

The capacitive stylus ($25) will come in handy for those spots in Windows Mobile 6.5 that are not quite as finger-friendly as they should be, even though HTC has done wonders to cover up some of the flaws with its SenseUI. It's unclear if the stylus will use some sort of magnetic tip, or maybe a technology similar to what can be found in these gloves for the iPhone. Another possibility could be a design similar to the Pogo Sketch, which is what Apple will be using to capture signatures on the new handheld, point-of-sale terminals in their retail stores.

As for the extended battery ($75), because of the design of the HD2, it will more than likely add a slight bulge to the back of the phone and require a larger replacement backplate with an integrated kickstand for easy video watching. With the price of HTC's flagship device already closer to $800 than not, the extended battery would have made for a nice in-box accessory, for sure.

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