Kohjinsha PA series size comparisons


Gadget size comparisons are pretty common around here and since this is probably the last time I'll be able to put one together this year, I've gathered more of my mobile devices than usual to pose with the newly unboxed Kohjinsha PA series. Have a look below.

The PA hardware is very closed related to the UMID units, so let's start with the mbook M1 first.


Kohji_pa_size_umid (2) 

Kohji_pa_size_umid (3) 

Kohji_pa_size_umid (4)

Next up is the Sharp NetWalker PC-Z1, which I can't help but think of when seeing the M1 and PA together.



Kohji_pa_size_netwalker (2) 

Kohji_pa_size_netwalker (3) 

Kohji_pa_size_netwalker (4)

Although the PA series bears the Kohjinsha branding, build quality is definitely not on the same level as the Japanese company's recent products. Compared to the larger Kohjinsha SC3 (below), for example, the PA feels a little cheap and toy-like (its UMID roots are not hard to believe).


Kohji_pa_size_sc3 (2) 

Kohji_pa_size_sc3 (3) 

Kohji_pa_size_sc3 (4) 

Continuing on with the UMPC trend, here's the PA with my Fujitsu LifeBook U810, Willcom D4, HTC Shift, and Sony Vaio UX180P.


Kohji_pa_size_u810 (2) 

Kohji_pa_size_u810 (3) 


Kohji _pa_size_d4



And now some non-UMPCs that are often classified as MIDs: the Samsung Mondi, Sony mylo COM-1 and COM-2, Nokia N800 and N810, HTC Advantage, Archos 5 IMT, and Archos 5 Android tablet.







Kohji_pa_size_archos (2)

Here's the Kohjinsha PA with the Sony Vaio P:


Kohji_pa_size_vaiop (2)

And finally, to bookend this post with non-gadgets, here's the PA with a Wii game case.


I won't be able to write a full review of the PA (just taking these pictures was more than my 9-month-pregnant self could do without being completely exhausted afterward!) so if you have any questions/requests, let me know in the comments and I'll try to address them later this week.

The Kohjinsha PA is available now from Conics for 79,800 yen (~$888).

Update: Read my Kohjinsha PA series mini review

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