Nokia N900 is finally shipping after long delay

N900 Mark it down, Maemo fans: November 10th, 2009. The day that we finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel and start to envision our very own Nokia N900 in our hands very soon, thanks to Nokia officially announcing the shipping of their long-awaited smartphone. It seems that we have been writing about this device forever, and while we have been waiting, the iPhone and Android juggernauts just keep gaining steam.

Of course, there are about 300 lucky users out there who have been running early-release versions of the hardware in order to help Nokia iron out the last few kinks in the all-new Maemo 5 software, but now it is finally time for the rest of us.

Myself, I have been eagerly anticipating the N900 since it was first announced, paying little attention to the fact that it will operate only on the T-Mobile 3G band here in the US, even though I currently use AT&T. No matter, the device is unlocked and will work fine without 3G for me, since this will be the replacement for my beloved Nokia N800 and Nokia N810WE internet tablets that have served me well over the last few years.

Who is with me on the N900 and will be buying one as soon as possible? Or have the announcements of the HTC HD2 and Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 caused some hesitation on your part?

[Nokia Press Release]
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