Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 expected to launch in February 2010 in UK

Xperia_x10A brief update today on the possible launch date of the recently announced SE Xperia X10.

Previously, we were told the X10 would be launched in Q1 2010. While this is still true, there's now a firmer date involved than a vague three-month quarter. According to the Coming Soon section of Sony Ericsson's UK online store, we can now expect the Xperia X10 to launch there in February 2010. Those of us in the UK can elect to pre-register to receive the latest updates for the X10 direct from Sony Ericsson.

Alternatively, I highly recommend a visit to the Sony Ericsson Product Blog to feed your interest in this highly anticipated smartphone. Previously known as the Satio blog, covering the development and launch of the SE Satio, the site will now focus on the Xperia X10 from now until its launch early next year. Some of the recent updates of interest to X10 followers include sample photos and videos taken by the 8.1MP auto focus camera, a discussion of the X10's Android OS and OpenGL capabilities, and a Q&A of some of the most frequently asked questions.

You may recall that some of the early hands-on videos indicated the software was still at an early stage of development, as the performance seemed generally slow with long loading times and choppy animations.

A new preview video posted by, however, seems to show a much newer software build with the interface looking much faster and more responsive. Check it out below:

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