New updates on WITS A81 tablet MID running Windows CE


The A81 MID tablet from Wireless Information & Telemetry Systems Ltd. (WITS) we saw a few months ago is back again, this time with some updated images and details. Unlike most other recent tablets we have seen running Google Android, the Chinese company has chosen Windows Embedded CE 6.0 as the OS for the A81. Although this is an older system first released in 2006, it is still a current product now in its third revision. It is also interesting to note that Microsoft's next generation mobile OS, Windows Mobile 7, is based on CE 6.0.

In terms of design and hardware, the A81 impresses with a 7-inch LED backlit WVGA capacitive touchscreen, a 600MHz TI OMAP3430 ARM Cortex A8 processor, 2GB of RAM, WiFi, GPS, support for most common audio/video/image formats, a removable 3000mAh battery lasting 6-8 hours, 256MB of onboard storage, and support for microSD cards up to 16GB.


A company representative from WITS has recently been answering questions in the UMPC Portal forum and also discussing some of the planned developments in the future, mentioning the release of an Android installation pack to download for free from their website and introducing an updated version of the Wits_a81_2 device with multi-touch capability.

Some of the new details and images definitely look more concrete than when the product first surfaced, and I do quite like the simple design with the large screen, thin bezel, and curved back all with a light weight of 13.75oz. The OMAP3430 processor is also used in many of the latest smartphones including the Motorola Droid, Palm Pre, and Nokia N900, ensuring the A81 should be plenty powerful.

The only information on price is still the previous figure of around $250, which represents pretty good value. If the information regarding the free download of Android is true, then it would be even better!

How many of you have been following the A81 and what are your thoughts on the device based on the latest info?


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