eviGroup Wallet MID redesigned for upcoming release


Hailing from a company in France, the eviGroup Wallet Android MID has been closely followed by Pocketables since it was unveiled earlier this year. If you recall, it previously featured a very Apple-inspired design with many iPhone-esque design cues such as the screen treatment with black bezel and curved back.

New images have now come to light showing it has undergone a redesign, discarding the previous aesthetics for something quite different. The Wallet MID now features a thin two-tone bezel surrounding the 5-inch WVGA touch screen with the sides being black and the top and bottom portions being silver, at least in the image of the prototype shown here. Some additional product renderings also show a two-tone red/black and all black version. Another notable difference is the addition of a front-facing webcam mounted in the center of the bezel.


eviGroup's CEO, Nicholas Ruiz, has stated the company still aims to launch the Wallet MID in January 2010, with the current status described as being ready for "initial production" with the required supply chain in place. Apart from the addition of the webcam, we assume the specifications of the device remain the same with a Samsung-sourced 533/667MHz ARM CPU, 128/256MB of RAM, GPS, WiFi and 3G connectivity, and up to 8GB of internal storage expandable via microSD.

What do you think of the new design? Personally, I think it's a decent change and it's nice to see a company try to differentiate itself rather than imitate Apple. Although in terms of the hardware, I have to agree with Jenn's earlier opinion that it still isn't particularly compelling.

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One thought on “eviGroup Wallet MID redesigned for upcoming release

  • well, I prefer the previous design (which was the same than the Ramos W7), this one looks cheap. But the frontal webcam is definitively a good idea. As for the hardware, let’s wait, evigroupe has released a very good 10 inch tablet and seems competent in the integration of hardware and software


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