A call for innovative design: HTC Evolve concept tablet PC


With the growing stream of new tablet PC/MID products hitting the market recently, it's getting harder to find a truly interesting, original design that combines the prerequisite attractive styling and functionality with innovation. Hence, it is very refreshing to see a new design concept called the HTC Evolve designed by Timur Pinar.

It looks like this isn't an officially sanctioned concept design from HTC, so don't expect to see a prototype or find one of these on store shelves anytime soon. Nevertheless, the Evolve concept has some nice touches and interesting ideas including a stunning "concave side" ergonomic body that beautifully integrates a large OLED touch screen and a pop-out additional OLED touch screen that has programmable buttons. The design also includes a stylus for drawing/rendering in a practical, efficient way.

The rest of the hardware specification includes an Intel Atom processor, 128GB SSD, 1.5GB of RAM, two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, 3.5mm headphone jack, a front-facing webcam, and a microphone. It is envisaged that a custom skinned version of Android would be the main OS, with Google's new Chrome OS being possibly incorporated as an "instant on" fast-booting option.

Although strictly a concept, indicated by inconsistencies in the potential hardware specs (i.e., potential compatibility issues between the CPU and operating systems), the HTC Evolve is certainly an interesting design study and I would love to see more companies trying to innovate more in their MID designs. Who agrees with me? And as a thought for the weekend, let us know your nomination for the best designed MID on the market today. In the meantime, I'll be hoping someone over at HTC sees this!


[Yanko Design via Ubergizmo]  

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6 thoughts on “A call for innovative design: HTC Evolve concept tablet PC

  • What’s innovative, that there’s a popout screen touchpad (which I think is both useless and basically a “break me” switch)? I’d much, MUCH rather have a set of definable switches on one or more of the edges. Other than that, having curved sides (sorry, “stunning concave sides”) isn’t innovative.

  • Avatar of StarTAC Fan

    This is what the iTablet ought to be.

  • I think “stunning concave sides” is innovative.

    Think about holding the device and how it would nestle into the groove between two fingers. It may seem obvious and non-innovative in hindsight, but no previous MID has this ergonomic feature, so perhaps its not so obvious afterall.

  • Avatar of digitaldoctor

    I agree with Dave here. I think that popout screen touchpad is useless and breakable. Physical buttons would be much more useful, especially on multi-use devices. MIDs that are focused devices (ie. Media players with some Internet surfing) may not require any buttons at all. And I don’t think curved sides is innovative. Now if HTC does come out with one of these devices …. I’ll get it … because XDA + HTC = Love.

  • Just give me a Tenori-On design and I’m fine.
    Capacitive OLED on the back, E-Paper on the front – or vice versa.
    Make a conveniently to use docking station, please.

    And if I see a conventional desktop on it … no thank you.

  • Avatar of digitaldoctor

    “Think about holding the device and how it would nestle into the groove between two fingers.”

    I’m not seeing this.
    If anything … your hands are likely to accidentally touch the very edge of the touch screen and set it off when you don’t want to.


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