Is Dell bringing the Android party to CES with the Streak MID?


This time of year is always exciting for one reason or another. It could be the sparkling, multi-colored lights dotting neighborhoods around the US; it could also be the frosty weather or the possibility of finding a shiny new gadget under the tree. Whatever it may be, Dell is adding one more reason to rejoice with the possible unveiling of its 5-inch Android tablet, more commonly known as the Streak, at the upcoming CES 2010 next month.

According to the gang over at Pocket-lint, their sources claim some type of 5-inch tablet running Android is very likely to be introduced by Dell, and since we have been following the Streak for quite a few months now, this would seem to be the device. Right about now, that holiday cheer over at Archos headquarters is probably dwindling, as its Archos 5 Android will now have some friendly competition in the Android marketplace.

Hitting the size sweet-spot for a handheld internet tablet, the Streak would be a great device for those who need a little more screen real estate than an iPhone provides but are not interested in carrying a full-size convertible tablet in the 7- to 10-inch range. Let's hope Dell can price this to not only compete, but to force other companies to follow suit.


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Chris King

Chris King is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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4 thoughts on “Is Dell bringing the Android party to CES with the Streak MID?

  • It does a little bit…I also thought it looks like a glossy Nokia N800.

  • If you look at the Archos 5 it also looks like a gaint BlackBerry Storm. :)

    Hopefully this does get announced at CES. I like that it has camera in front and back, and if it gets a release date then I will be more likely returning my Archos 5 back and getting the Streak. The only way I will consider keeping the A5 is two things. One is if Archos Customer Service ever replies to my email regarding a plug-in i had on a previous unit that was not charging so I returned it. Also if they can fix the GPS to work a bit better.


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