New video showing ITG xpPhone booting into Windows XP


Just days after the latest info and images regarding ITG's xpPhone appeared, a new short video has surfaced showing an engineering sample of the handset booting up into Windows XP. The whole process seems to take around 40 seconds before you're on the desktop.

Although it's good to finally see an example of the device in action after the static renders and images we've seen over the past few months, I'm immediately struck by how big the xpPhone really is! It's extremely large for a phone and might look a little odd when you hold it against your head to take a call, but taking into account it's also a full UMPC running WinXP, it's still impressive.

From the most recent images, the similar ViewSonic VCP08 is not exactly small either, so the large size (for a phone) has to expected with the hardware for a UMPC. I'm still a bit concerned with the identity of the mystery processor powering the device, as it's rumored to be the older AMD Geode, which wouldn't be a competitive choice in today's Intel Atom dominated market. Regardless, I'm hoping we see more info in the coming weeks.

[Engadget China]
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