nVidia set to unveil Tegra 2 chipset at CES, with devices to follow in 2010

Nvidia_tegra The nVidia Tegra System-on-a-Chip (SoC) is among the more powerful processor/chipset combinations that MID, PMP, and smartphone manufacturers can turn to to power their devices. Launched with much fanfare but subsequently set back by delays and limited adoption, Tegra boasts capabilities such as HD video playback, 3D graphics, full web browsing, media streaming, and very low power usage. It is currently featured in only a couple of devices on the market, the most well known being the Zune HD. Although we can expect a few more Tegra devices in the near future, such as the upcoming ICD Vega tablet, nVidia is now set to unleash the next generation Tegra 2 at CES next month, along with demonstrations of new devices powered by the new chip.

Clearly the company is aiming for much wider adoption this time around, as according to Michael Hara, senior vice president of investor relations and communications at nVidia, we can expect to see a whole range of new Tegra 2-powered MIDs, tablet PCs, smartbooks, and netbooks being revealed at CES to be launched in the first half of 2010, with smartphones using the chipset to launch in the second half of the year.

At this time there are no confirmed specifications of Tegra 2, but rumors suggest it should be at least twice as powerful as the original Tegra, feature a dual-core ARM-based architecture for its main CPU and updated graphics hardware, and possibly have faster memory. It will be fabricated in 40nm low power process technology.

The Tegra 2 and ZiiLABS processors we have covered previously are only a few of the exciting hardware developments on the horizon that should greatly increase the capabilities of MIDs and smartphones next year. I can't wait for January to see what the new hardware is capable of and the new devices that use it. Who else is looking forward to the launch of the Tegra 2?

[X-bit Labs via Gizmodo]
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