Pandora UMPC/console inches ever closer to the finishing line

With the Pandora UMPC/handheld games console finally on the verge of crossing the development finishing line and the first batch entering final production, we have been following the little device with interest and are happy to give another brief update on the latest developments and some impressive footage of the device in action.

Previously, hopes were that the Pandora would ship by the holidays, but because of a delay due to the OpenPandora team requiring more time to make final tweaks, the device won't ship until sometime in the new year. Although the exact timeframe is unknown, the tweaks don't seem to be major so optimistically we can assume the delay is not serious.

Furthermore, the OpenPandora team has completed a few pre-production prototypes and invited a very lucky member of the community to have the chance to spend some hands-on time with the Pandora and write a test report. The review is detailed and provides further insight into the machine hardware, software, and the experience we can expect. The conclusion is extremely positive, although we have to keep in mind that the reviewer is an enthusiastic member of the OpenPandora community.

Finally, a new video showing the Pandora running the classic Mario 64 and other N64 games has emerged and the performance is truly amazing. It really goes to show what a group of dedicated enthusiasts can achieve. Although it has been a very long wait for the Pandora, things are looking very positive with the end in sight. And best of all, it looks like the wait just might be worth it this time.

Check out the hands-on review by Balzac2m at the links below.

[GP32X via Pandora Press via Engadget]
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2 thoughts on “Pandora UMPC/console inches ever closer to the finishing line

  • Avatar of nothin

    well i do not understand anything newer than Amiga, but it is clear for me, that fluidity of that emulator is just insane(as for not x86 device).

    i’d love to see such fluid snes/sega emulation.
    and Amy, of course(well…).
    n64 works cool..idd.

  • Well it’s ok that team had taken more time for end time finishing of it. But I must say that because of this delay in release make me more curious and now I have very much expectations from it. So looking forward to it and crossed my fingers for satisfactory product.


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