Up close look at the Fujitsu UH900 in all its red glory

While sure to be a polarizing handheld device, the Fujitsu UH900 definitely has some things working in its favor, and with more and more information leaking out, it could end up being a truly well-rounded UMPC. Taking the mini-clamshell form factor to an even higher level with the addition of a multitouch screen, and at the same time clearly sharing the DNA of its U820 sibling, this will find an audience in the marketplace for those who covet the legendary Fujitsu quality.

Thanks to the gang over at UMPC Fever, we now have some very in-depth pictures and comparison shots of what could spell the end of the road for us U-series fans. I decided to use the above photo to give a little front-page love to the U820, for old times sake. Seeing that picture really makes me want to try and find a 2-cell battery for mine.

Luckily the glossiness on the UH900 has been toned down a bit when compared to the one I wrote about a few days ago, so continue past the break to see the red beauty.


The complete collection of photos can be found at the links below, while the third link contains a video of the multitouch screen in action.
[UMPC Fever | Part 1 | Part 2 | Multitouch video]       

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