Zii TRINITY concept smartphone UI and HD playback demonstrated on video


Following last week's announcement of the Zii TRINITY concept smartphone, some new videos have emerged from the Zii Summit 2009 demonstrating an actual prototype of the handset as well as its HD playback/output capabilities.

The first video from Crave (below) is a brief hands-on demonstration of the TRINITY running Android. It's surprisingly smaller than I expected and quite a good size for a phone compared to some of the larger smartphones we have been seeing from manufacturers recently. As mentioned in the video, the style is pretty similar to the Zii Egg DAP with a simple, minimalist design that I find quite attractive. I also like the idea of the interchangeable docking port at the bottom of the device that can be switched to accommodate either a microUSB or mini-HDMI output.

Some other things to note are the large 5MP camera on the back of the device and that three prototypes were on display apart from the white one in the video, one in black and one in gray. Remembering that the Zii TRINITY is a platform that Creative is selling to other OEMs/ODMs, representatives from the company stated that it could take just 3 months for a manufacturer to go to market by adopting the platform to produce a retail product.

The second video below from Mobile990 is a very brief demo of the Zii TRINITY playing an HD clip of Wall-E output to a large flat panel TV via its mini-HDMI output. The playback performance is very smooth without any problems or abnormalities, which is very impressive for such a small handheld device. I look forward to seeing more as Creative develops the concept further and hopefully begins talking to prospective manufacturers.

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One thought on “Zii TRINITY concept smartphone UI and HD playback demonstrated on video

  • This cell phone looks amazing. its features are great and suit my needs. i used to imagine of such features in my phone and they have come out with it. Thanks a lot.


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