Dell Mini 5 slate conceals a Snapdragon processor


Originally codenamed the Streak, referred to as the Slate at CES, and now confirmed as the Mini 5 tablet, Dell has been extremely tight-lipped on the device, offering no details and specifications. Luckily for us, a user at the Vietnamese Tinhte forums (where the device was originally revealed) has conducted a full teardown unveiling a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor hiding inside. The Dell Blog previously stated that more details would come later, but I doubt they intended it to come like this!


The teardown also discovered that the Mini 5 has a removable 1530mAh battery rather than the previously rumored 1300mAh one and confirms the inclusion of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a SIM card slot for 3G, and microSD slots for storage expansion: one user accessible, the second being internal probably for holding Android. This adds to what we already knew of the 5-inch multi-touch screen (rumored to be 800×480) and 5MP camera with dual-LED flash. The confirmation of the powerful Snapdragon processor makes this compelling new MID even more exciting as it should provide good performance. Check out the other images of the hardware and a video of the teardown below.



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Jeremy To

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5 thoughts on “Dell Mini 5 slate conceals a Snapdragon processor

  • Avatar of Lindsayfrom NZ

    I really like the look of this thing. Seems to have all the connectivity and expansion options, looks really slim and has a removable battery. The form factor is very nice and having the Snapdragon processor means it should handle tasks well. Just hoping that it is not some bloody exclusive device for a US carrier….

    I can see this device fitting into my inside suit pocket really well!

  • I really like the look of this slate/tablet.

    Waiting to see what some of the other tablet/slate manufactures are coming out with. But this looks really nice.

  • Avatar of Cptnodegard

    Nice, though Android is IMO an utterly useless OS. I can’t find a single use for my Archos 5A besides video

  • I kinda agree about Android. I find Winmo phones more useful, aside from the fact that it’s buggy. But using my phone to tether my laptop and other devices,Winmo is very functional.

    About the slate,It really reminds me of BB Storm. Hmmmm, This Device can be more useful if there is a phone Radio to make phone calls,SMS and MMS at the same time surf anytime, anywhere.

  • Awesome!Fantastic technology and features are superb!I love it.Well i have seen the video and its really good informative.I will keep looking around for more reviews.


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