HTC HD2 may have more RAM than we thought


I wouldn't call it "jumping from the nearest ledge" type news, but the uncovering of oodles more RAM and ROM amounts in the upcoming T-Mobile US version of the HTC HD2 had to be more than a little unsettling for those who decided to buy international instead of waiting. Even though I merely know someone who can lay claim to an HD2 of their own, I can understand the frustration when dropping a healthy wad of cash on something that could potentially be obsolete if it's not suitable for the upcoming Windows Mobile 7 upgrade.

But enough of the doom and gloom, because we now have word that some hidden RAM has been uncovered by some ingenious users over at xda-developers. According to the crew over there, with the proper cooked ROM loaded on the phone, the new reported RAM amount is 576MB, which just happens to be identical to the US model. In fact, the new ROMs are based on an early leak of the T-Mobile software, but it is still unclear if the new memory numbers are due to a false reporting software bug or indeed true.

Of course, 576MB of RAM only gives a little more breathing room for the always-high overhead of WinMo, but with only 512MB of ROM still, the key will be to see if there is room for the assumed upgrade to Redmond's newest mobile jewel later this year. Stay tuned, as this is starting to get very interesting.

[pocketnow via MobileTechWorld]
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