Fujitsu cuts back at CES dramatically

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Times are tough, the economy is not what would be considered stable, and apparently Fujitsu is feeling the effects of it. With the new UH900 on the horizon, I was anxious to speak with Fujitsu reps regarding their new portable, and maybe sprinkle in a few inquiries on the future of my beloved U-series.

Guess I'll have to do my research online, because Fujitsu downgraded their booth presence about 99% compared to last year. This tiny booth had nothing more than a demo of USB 3.0, and not a clue about Fujitsu handhelds.

Luckily the UH900 is available at the Intel booth, or else one of the most innovative handhelds on the market would be absent from the largest electronics show in the world.

:: Live at CES 2010 with my iPhone 3GS ::

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