Google’s Nexus One is officially unveiled, available now

No big surprise here since anyone who doesn't make their permanent residence under a large rock knew that Google had an event planned for today, but the Nexus One is now officially available. Ready to rock your favorite SIM card like never before, it's available contract-free for $529 or with a two-year T-Mobile contract for just $180 minus a buck. Specs remain the same as what we've known for some time now, and it's running Android 2.1, which is an extension of Eclair.

Regardless of how you decide to purchase the phone, they're all unlocked and ready to provide T-Mobile 3G service, which is now streaming along at 7.2mbps nationwide. AT&T customers will, of course, be able to use their SIM card in the Nexus One for voice and data communication, but the data rates will fall back to EDGE only because of the different frequencies.

The one surprise announcement from today is that Verizon will be getting its own CDMA version of the Nexus One later this spring, giving the Motorola Droid a little friendly competition. Looks like Sprint is sitting this one out for the moment, instead carrying on with their HTC Hero in the Android arena. So is the Google phone the one to beat, at least until Apple unveils their 4th gen iPhone?

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Chris King

Chris King is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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4 thoughts on “Google’s Nexus One is officially unveiled, available now

  • Avatar of whydidnt

    I’m a little disappointed in this device. Yes, it tops the hardware envelope, as far as Android is concerned. However, it’s about 6 months after the iPhone 3GS was released, and just now able to compete from a speed/style perspective. However, only 512 MB of ROM and all your programs must be installed there? Apple has been selling 16 GB phones for over a year now (not to mention 32 GB since the 3GS) and the top of the line Google Phone has 512 MB? Even if you supplement with a MicroSD card, they top out at 16 GB today AND add to the cost and complexity of the device.

    It seems Google is taking the same path Microsoft did with their mobile OS. A fractured market with different Android devices running different versions of software, screen resolutions, etc, yet NOT ONE deliver the total package the way Apple has with the iPhone.

    If Nokia put the same marketing muscle into the N900 and fired people up about Maemo and it’s possibilities the way Google has about Android, we be talking about how much better the N900 is in comparison. Seriously, take away the app store (which is a huge deal, I know) and what does the Nexus One provide that the N900 doesn’t. The N900 has more memory, a fast processor, a high res screen, an awesome web browser (by all accounts – I don’t own one) and is built on linux, just like Android.

    I guess I’m just disappointed that Google and others call this a game changer, when really it’s still trying to catch up.

  • Avatar of ragingduck

    An update will be provided shortly that will deal with encryption on MicroSD, thus making it safe (for publishers anyways) for apps to be stored and run from the card.

  • That’s a good take, whydidnt…

    I agree with everything, and that app storage limitation is puzzling in this day and age. In fact, I would prefer that all of these new smartphones just came with 16GB or 32GB of storage built-in, no need for expansion slots. The N900 and the iPhone have it right.

    The N900 is an awesome device (I do have one), and is bound to get better once the apps start coming out in full force.


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