More photos from a little show we know as CES


After journeying to Las Vegas this past weekend for CES 2010, which was my sixth time at the show if I’m remembering correctly, I came away with plenty of pictures on my phone and images in my mind. Even though the show was quite a bit smaller this year, with the usual Sands Expo exhibits condensed into the main show halls at the convention center, it was still a great time.

Many of you saw that I was posting live from the show floor, or at least trying to when I could get a signal. When you combine over 120,000 attendees, with the majority using iPhones, and an already-shaky AT&T network all in one venue, there are bound to be some issues. At times there was either no signal at all or it was so slow that is was useless, making posting challenging to say the least. Thank goodness I had my Sprint and Clear backup solutions with me.

Since I didn’t upload or post about every single photo I took, here are the rest of them in all their glory after the break. Enjoy!

Asus Hanvon
Intel Iriver_1
Iriver_2 Marvell
Mondi Mpro150_1
Mpro150_2 Nokia
Viliv_1 Viliv_2
Viliv_3 Viliv_4
Viliv_5 Viliv_6 

Hd2_1 Hd2_2


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