Motorola confirms development of another Google phone

With the recent launch of the Google Nexus One made in collaboration with HTC, one got the sense that it was only the beginning of Google's plans to carry Android to the next level. It now looks like we might be seeing another Google-branded smartphone sooner than we think, but this time from Motorola.

During the company's quarterly earnings call, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha confirmed that they are planning to launch "at least one direct to consumer device with Google." No other details about the potential device were disclosed, but there have been some rumors suggesting that the Motorola Shadow (shown above) could eventually become the "Nexus Two."

This raises some interesting questions regarding Google's long-term strategy. Will the new Motorola-Google phone be the successor to today's Nexus One, maintaining a single device presence? Or does Google plan on creating a range of Nexus phones to meet the different requirements and price points of consumers, with HTC's and Motorola's handsets being the first of many more?

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