My travel gear for CES

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I promised the other day that I would snap a picture of what I was taking with me to the show, and for the most part, I kept it minimal.

Most of the things should be easily recognized, but there are a few things there that are not real common, like the folding LG speakers that are hands down the best small travel speakers I have ever used.

Everything fits in those two bags, the gadgets in the leather Tumi on the right, and the power adapters and cables in the Built accessory bag. The latter is handy for accessories, since it has 6 separate compartments in a very slim profile.

:: Live at CES 2010 with my iPhone 3GS ::

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5 thoughts on “My travel gear for CES

  • Have you experienced the foxL bluetooth speakers from Soundmatters? I have no experience with your LG speakers, but my foxL speakers are travel favorites. For somebody expecting to cover a major trade show you have managed to keep things very compact. How much of that are you actually toting around with you on the show floor?

  • Haven’t tried the foxL speakers, but I haven’t had real good luck with BT speakers, so I stick with the trusty LG’s. They are easy to charge via mini USB and they have excellent sound.

    As for my compact gear bag, right now I’m carrying only the Tumi with the U820, the MiFi, and the Sparq battery. Of course, I have my iPhone with me, and it wasn’t in the picture because it was taking the picture.

    I promised myself I wouldn’t get carried away and bring a huge collection of stuff that would end up going unused, plus it’s kinda fun trying to get the most possible functionality out of nothing more than a smartphone.

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    ou est le Xperia X1? :P

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    What Tumi bag is the one pictured?


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