No sight of the VAIO P, could be curtains

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I may be reading too much into this one, but I was not able to find a VAIO P-series anywhere in the large Sony booth, which seems odd considering the huge popularity of tiny computers this year. Either I’m not as observant as I think, or the P form factor is a “one and done” design.

Hopefully Sony will continue with this line, because I know we have a huge following in our forums. Plus, with a few tweaks, the P is still a very viable choice for anyone looking for true mobility.

:: Live at CES 2010 with my iPhone 3GS ::

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Chris King

Chris King is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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19 thoughts on “No sight of the VAIO P, could be curtains

  • I hope Sony drops the Vaio P line. It’s not pocketable. You still need to put it in a bag so you might as well get something bigger and faster. Hopefully, Sony will come out with something more portable like UMID and Viliv.

  • Got a Vaio P since 1 month and it’s an absolutely fantastic device !

    A screen you can’t find anywhere else, fantastic keyboard (very usable), lightweight.
    Mine runs under Win XP Pro SP3 and after a few tweaks the speed is impressive !

    In fact, I don’t mind to know if Sony will continue the P line, because I got mine and don’t want to change it… :-D

  • Avatar of Mikael

    Is really strange that there isn’t at all the P in the CES! If they discontinue this series, Sony will make a big mistake, in my opinion. I know a lot of guys that they were waiting the CES for a refresh, so they pull the trigger. Keep us posted Chris, if you find anything!

  • For me the P is a great laptop. I am waiting too for a refresh, but maybe I will just purchase now one. I don’t think they will take it away..Maybe is going to be a redesign? Hey Chris, why don’t you ask someone in the Sony booth?

  • FYI…the P is on display at the Sony booth at central hall. They are displayed right next to the cell phones alongside the X series laptop which in itself is awesome.

  • It’s not pocketable which is precisely why it is so usable – any smaller and the keyboard wouldn’t be anywhere as good (as it stands it is excellent) and the screen would have to lose (at the moment it is stunning).

  • That’s good news, thanks!
    I held the X series in my hands couple of weeks ago and couldn’t believe it was an actual functional computer. Incredible!

  • Avatar of GeoffreyM

    The US SonyStyle site has fewer models currently available. I hope that doesn’t indicate anything negative for the line as I was thinking of buying a 2.0 GHz model to replace my current one with 1.3 GHz processor. The only place I can now get one is, which isn’t my preferred route.

  • Thanks, Jose! I’m surprised it didn’t bite me, since I was right there by the X series and the smartphones. Did they have more than one?

    So are you here for work or pleasure? What’s been the highlight so far for you?

  • A 2Ghz Sony P running Win 7 would be a nice machine. Now that Vista is a distant memory, these small Atom Z machines can breathe a little.

  • Avatar of Perfectionist

    Is there any way to find out Sony’s sales figures for the P – that would probably answer a lot of questions !!

  • A little of both. Highlight? Getting some hands on time with the X10. Definitely the Ceton and Silicon Dust CableCard tuners. Other than that there has not been anything really new. The dual screen prototype tablet Asus had was pretty nice. People seemed a lot more interested in the Nexus One and HD2 I was carrying around, haha. Best part was simply meeting everyone one in person.

  • I have seen several people already sporting the Nexus One, which surprised me. Google was really on their game with the introduction, having them ready to go out immediately.

    Sounds like you have a very nice smartphone collection, no wonder nothing excited you too much. Did you like the X10, and are you thinking about getting one? I was really impressed with it, it has been one of my highlights beside the Viliv N5.

  • Yeah, smartphones are kind of my thing. I’m in Vegas til tomorrow night so if you’re interested in seeing it in person let me know and we can meet up. My twitter is @JoseROrtiz

  • The X series, another crap gadget like the P series.

  • If the sales figures were good they would say it. They did say their sales figures for the PS3 at CES (3.8 million during the holidays).

  • Avatar of Xeffy

    Sony released a new pink vaio p on their site. Worth checking out if you like pink. I was hoping sony would release a blue vaio p.

  • It fit’s in my jacket pocket just fine (I have some large inner pockets) yet the keyboard is still great to type on.

    It’s a really good form factor, netbooks are still too big with small trackpads and bad specs, you’d may as well get a laptop wheras the Vaio P is actually properly portable.

  • I am a huge fan of the trouser pocketable factor. However there is a place for the Jacket pocketable factor too. I have
    several 5″ UMPC’s and can now see the need for a Jacket Pocketable PC like the Vaio P or in my case the Viliv s7.

    However, the Vaio P is expensive and its battery life is less than impressive. Also it doesn’t have a cellular voice modem.


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