Price slashing in effect for Archos 5 Android from a few retailers

As I wait for a certain slightly larger tablet to find its way into those iconic white and silver stores across the country, I also continue to fight the urge to bring another smaller tablet contender into my collection of devices. The Archos 5 Android (A5A) has been covered extensively by us here at Pocketables, and has been a great choice for many of our readers.

For those of you who have been on the fence, be glad that I got out my best pair of Fiskars and clipped some great coupons to save you $60 on the 160GB version of the A5A or $20 on the 16GB flash version. Well, I didn't exactly clip coupons, but I did notice a couple of nice deals on the A5A at both Radio Shack and Best Buy.

If you'll recall, Radio Shack became the first US retailer to carry the 8GB flash version a few months back, and now they have added the 160GB hard drive model to their inventory for $329.99, which is far less than the next closest price of $389.99 online. Best Buy, on the other hand, has reduced the price on their 16GB flash model down to $279.99, and while not much less than the normal $299.99 price, that extra change could come in handy for some screen protectors or a case.

Both retailers are claiming immediate availability via free shipping or in-store pickup, and even with sales tax, I'm pretty tempted myself to grab one of these now that the firmware has been updated to a newer version of Android and the full Google experience is still within easy reach.

[Radio Shack | Best Buy]
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