Quick look at the ZAGG Sparq

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Since I'll be using my iPhone nonstop for posting and photos at CES, I wanted to make sure I was covered on the power front, because there is no way the 3G-loving radio in the iPhone will make it a full day.

Enter the ZAGG Sparq external battery pack, sporting a pair of USB ports, folding prongs, and a 6000 mAh battery. It should keep my iPhone humming along, as well as my Sprint MiFi portable hotspot.

Available now from ZAGG for just under $100.

:: Live at CES 2010 with my iPhone 3GS ::

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7 thoughts on “Quick look at the ZAGG Sparq

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    to bad they could not make a version with foldable euro-plugs, or even replaceable foldable plugs (tho i guess the latter would get them a call from apple, thanks to the similarity to the macbook power brick).

    still, a nice battery for the price, imo.

  • That would be handy for many people, but at least they provide the Euro adapter as seen in the photo. I have several other batteries, but they either have a small capacity, or an external AC adapter.

    The 6000 mAh battery should work very nicely, I can just leave it inside my coat pocket, and have things plugged in with retractable cables.

  • Avatar of turn.self.off

    on the topic of adapters, do it pack any kind of usb to phone adapters, like say nokia or sonyericsson?

  • I’ve had my Sparq for about a month now and I am beginning to regret the purchase.
    I am doubting it actually contains Lithium Polymer batteries.

    After a full charge the charge lights reduce to 2 lights after about 24 hours without even being used which would indicate it is loosing charge over a very short time. Also today I noticed that after being plugged in for 24 hours, it no longer will show a full charge. (4 lights). It’s now only showing 3 lights. At this rate, this device won’t be worth having in 3 months.

  • Thank you to all posters who alerted ZAGG to the charging malfunction with some of our ZAGGsparq™ Portable Battery Backup & Charger. We have traced the problem to a quality control issue with a component that we purchased from a third-party manufacturer. The problem did not show up on our internal quality assurance tests because the specific components we were testing were not defective. The issue emerged only when we began shipping the finished products.

    This problem poses no safety hazard. Both the ZAGGsparq and your charging devices are completely safe. At ZAGG, we want to ensure that your ZAGGsparq delivers the high quality performance you have come to expect from all ZAGG products.

    Therefore, if you have experienced problems with your ZAGGsparq, we will replace it free of charge with our new and improved model that will be available in late March. The new model, the ZAGGsparq 2.0™, will solve the charging issue. Just let us know if you have had a problem.

    To receive a replacement ZAGGsparq 2.0 at no cost, customers simply need to mail back their original ZAGGsparq unit. Customers will receive a prepaid shipping label and envelope to return their original unit back to ZAGG for recycling and to qualify for a free ZAGGsparq 2.0.

    Please contact us to confirm your mailing address and participate in our Free Replacement Program. You may call us at 1-800-700-ZAGG (M-F, 9am – 5pm, MT), or email us by visiting ZAGG.com/contact.

  • Sounds like some great customer service, ZAGG!

    Are the issues related to what Bunk mentioned in the previous post, or something different?


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