Sprint set to combine Android and WiMAX, courtesy of HTC

Logos_4g Now here is some news that will definitely be of interest to those of us wondering why things have been so quiet on the 4G handset front. According to a reliable source for Engadget, HTC is hard at work on the first smartphone that will pump WiMAX through its Android-beating heart, and Sprint will naturally be the one to bring it to their 4G airwaves.

Currently codenamed "Supersonic," the new device will supposedly have a 4.3-inch screen along with the fantastic Sense UI running atop the newest Android 2.1 build. If the basic specs sound eerily familiar to you, they should, because the Supersonic is shaping up to be very similar to the WinMo-powered HD2 that is currently getting high marks from those lucky enough to own one.

While the prototype device is dressed in white, final versions will more than likely come in the more popular opposite color. As for the processor, a Snapdragon seems like the logical choice, but we'll just have to wait and see once this thing comes out later this year.

Those of you who have been clamoring for an HD2-type device with Android not named the Nexus One may soon get your wish, and while not everyone objects to the aging WinMo platform, the Supersonic looks like it could really shake up the marketplace and finally start to put a nail or two in 3G's coffin if it does in fact use 4G.

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4 thoughts on “Sprint set to combine Android and WiMAX, courtesy of HTC

  • Ahhh.. I’ll pass on the HD2. Ima get this if it’s really true. Although, I’m a Winmo dude, I’ll take what Sprint offers. Wimax, 4.3″ screen, SnapDragon/comparable CPU, what else do we want? Did I mention I can make a phone call from it? =D

  • I like the HD2, but I would be leery of getting one unless I could be 100% assured that WinMo 7 will come out as an upgrade for it. I’ve seen far too many devices over the years become abandoned after grand upgrade promises when they were released.

    As for the Supersonic, this looks to be a killer device…hopefully Sprint can take advantage of their huge headstart in 4G and offer some compelling choices this year.

  • I am sure that W7 will be on the HD2 if it comes out. Weather officially or unofficially. W7 will prolly be there B4 the official release. Sup XDA? anyways,

    Yeah, the Supersonic is looks like a killer. Can’t wait for the leaked pictures and some more juice about it.

  • Yep, I believe the latest word is that the HD2 will be getting WM7 in November (when the phone will be on its way toward being replaced by something even better, I’m sure).

    I’d like to see pics of the Supersonic too. I don’t believe that anything could possibly be more beautiful than my HD2, though. ;-) The only thing I can think of given the possible specs is that it’ll be a mostly button-less HD2 so that it can be a bit shorter while still retaining the screen size.


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