The xpPhone shows its communication credentials in new video


After seeing the last two videos showing the ITG xpPhone booting up followed by instant messaging and web browsing, the one question on my mind was how does it work when it comes to making a call or sending a text? Well it looks like ITG has heard our queries because it’s just demonstrated the xpPhone’s phone capabilities in the latest episode in its series of demonstration videos.

The video starts with the device showing the Windows XP desktop before instantly switching to what appears to be the communications interface including functions such as calling, texting, address book, etc. The demonstration then proceeds to show the xpPhone making a call, followed by receiving and composing SMS text messages (in Chinese) and what looks like a brief glimpse of the contacts menu and address book form.

It’s encouraging to see more of the xpPhone in action and getting a better idea of how the device will work when it finally gets released. What isn’t clear is whether the phone/communications interface runs as part of Windows XP or whether it is a separate entity altogether like in the ViewSonic VCP08. I would be concerned for battery life if the phone portion was in XP and required the device to run XP all the time. But I would like to assume it is more likely to be an independent application that can run either without booting into XP or parallel to Windows with the ability to seamlessly switch between the two as shown in the video. What are your thoughts on this issue of integration?

Check out the video at Engadget China or download it in a variety of formats from the previous link provided by ITG.

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