T-Mobile US supposedly getting an upgraded HD2

Hd2_tmo When it comes to mobile devices, we Americans tend to come out on the bad side of the curve, whether it be higher costs for mobile broadband, longer contract terms, or later-than-sooner release dates. While our claim to fame may be that we're the first to get all the latest Apple gear, does that even count since they're an American company?

Let's switch continents now and look at the landscape, where the HTC HD2 has been available to purchase for the last six weeks or so. As we wait for T-Mobile US to become the official landing spot for one of the hottest smartphones out there, we can now take solace in the fact that our patience may pay off in the form of an upgraded HD2.

According to HTC's own page for the upcoming device, the US-spec HD2 will have a full 1GB of ROM and 576MB of RAM. According to my shaky math, that's more than the 512MB ROM and 448MB RAM that resides in the international version. Besides the internal memory upgrade, we should also expect to see a 16GB microSDHC card in the box instead of the current 2GB card (some owners, including Jenn, received an 8GB card with their HD2s).

It's unclear why there will be more differences under the hood than just radio frequencies, but it has been suggested that this may be to accommodate a hefty firmware update that goes by the name of Windows Mobile 7. Even if this is the case, early adopters probably shouldn't worry, since there are plenty of people adept at getting their devices to unofficially run the newest OS versions.


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