Unboxing the UMID mbook BZ


Although you can't get the UMID mbook BZ for last week's discounted price anymore, the successor to last year's Atom-based mbook M1 clamshell MID can still be had for a fairly reasonable $549 at Dynamism. The base model (1.2GHz Atom, 512MB RAM, 16GB SSD, XP Home) isn't an upgrade in internal specs—in some cases it's actually a downgrade—so there are no performance improvements, but the components are repackaged in nicely updated hardware that includes what many wanted to see on the M1.

I received the BZ this afternoon in a non-retail box, so what you'll see in the unboxing photos below may not necessarily be what's part of the official retail package. I've also gathered my other small clamshell UMPCs/MIDs, including the M1, for a quick round of comparison shots (you know how much I love those).



Included in my box were an AC adapter, VGA adapter, a pair of in-ear headphones, and some paperwork. Dynamism is currently including the VGA adapter as a free bonus accessory, so it's safe to assume that it normally isn't part of the regular accessory bundle.

Also presumably an extra accessory is this nice leather case:

Umid_bz_case (1) 

Umid_bz_case (2) 

Umid_bz_case (3) 

Umid_bz_case (4) 

Umid_bz_case (5) 

Umid_bz_case (6) 

Umid_bz_case (7)

Quick Look

Since it's unclear what the retail box will definitely include, let's move on to the UMID BZ itself. I'll go into detail about the hardware and its usability in my full review, but what I'll say right now is that build quality is excellent and my first impressions are very positive.


Umid_bz_unbox_ql (2) 

Umid_bz_unbox_ql (3) 

Umid_bz_unbox_ql (4) 

Umid_bz_unbox_ql (5) 

Umid_bz_unbox_ql (6)

UMID M1 Size Comparisons

Since the BZ is the successor to the M1, it's only fitting that we take a look at them side-by-side.

Umid_bz_unbox_m1 (1) 

Umid_bz_unbox_m1 (2) 

Umid_bz_unbox_m1 (3) 

Umid_bz_unbox_m1 (4)

Other Size Comparisons

I'm beginning to amass a small collection of 5-inch (or so) clamshell MIDs/UMPCs, so here's the BZ with the M1 again, the Kohjinsha PA, and the Sharp NetWalker.





And just because I love them so much, I'll end this post with the UMID mbook BZ hamming it up with my Sony Vaio P and HTC HD2.



Update: Read the UMID mbook BZ full review.

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