3GNET MI11 MID emerges, related to EKING S515?


A product from Shenzhen-based 3GNET, the MI11 MID has come to our attention with the emergence of the above image. Details are very limited, but initial reports indicate it has a 5" touch screen supporting handwriting, will be available with either a 16 or 32GB SSD, and support WiFi and 3G connectivity. The MID is also said to be very light with the weight including the battery quoted as 62g, although I believe this is likely to be a mistake! It is more likely to be between 400 to 600g. 

From a quick glance, the MI11 looks remarkably similar to the EKING S515 with a very similar form factor, perceived size, and detailing. It's possible that the new MID may be a rebranded S515, which if you remember has occurred previously in the case of the PsiXpda UMPC. Taking into account the roots of the S515, it seems like this is probably one of the most reproduced MID/UMPC designs on the market!

All this indicates that the MI11 is a Atom-powered UMPC/MID, but at this point we are just speculating and hopefully some more concrete information from 3GNET will follow in due course.

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