Is Aigo also planning to join the tablet revolution?

While commenting on the e-reader/e-book market and the company's intention to enter it in the next 2 years, the CEO of Chinese MID manufacturer Aigo also mentioned its intention to launch a MID tablet later this year. Using the provisional brand name of "AigoPad," he also said the tablet would likely use Android as its operating system but didn't disclose any more information beyond that.

As one of the main Chinese manufacturers specializing in MIDs, and e-readers and tablets being the hot products this year, this news doesn't come as a complete surprise. But it should be interesting to see what Aigo comes up with keeping in mind its good track record of delivering interesting good products such as the recently featured N500 Maemo MID. The question is whether the "AigoPad" will be a smaller MID in-line with devices such as the Archos 5 Android or a larger device to compete with the upcoming generation of larger tablets like the Apple iPad.

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