What device(s) would you buy if $1000 fell in your lap?

1000-2f If the above title worked to get your attention, please keep reading. I don't get too many brilliant ideas, this one included, but let's roll with it anyway.

I want to know what pocketable devices out there you guys would buy if an extra $1000 suddenly came into your possession. With all the new stuff coming out in the next few months, in addition to some of the great products that have already been available, the choices are limitless as long as you stay within the set budget.

There are endless ways you can come into this money. Maybe it was a birthday gift, or it could be the winnings from a lottery ticket. Even the rich uncle you never knew could have left you some extra dough, or perhaps you have a real problem with spare change sliding out the side pockets of those khakis and congregating under the sofa cushions. Now that tax season is upon us here in the US, many people will be receiving their annual refunds and trying to figure out how best to spend their newfound fortune. No matter where the money came from, you can still take part in this hypothetical game of gadget buying since your imagination is the limit.

Now that you have your $1000, which device(s) would grab your attention right now and why? How about the Fujitsu UH900 that Jenn should be receiving and reviewing very soon? Or maybe a smartphone would fit the bill, with posssibly an HTC HD2 or Nokia N900 to be had with some left over for accessories. It can even be more than one device, like say a Nexus One and a UMID mbook BZ, or you could just decide to wait and save the money for a month or two until the hotly-anticipated Viliv N5 and/or Apple iPad come out.

Let's have at it in the comments, because I can't wait to see what some of you come up with. And remember, this is just for fun, so please don't come asking me for $1000.

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Chris King

Chris King is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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