DPT-Group Cynovo C7 tablet makes appearance at CeBIT with updated specs


In addition to the plethora of Android tablets showing up these days, there appears to be another growing segment of larger tablet PCs more in the vein of UMPCs, running x86 processors with Windows or Linux. These rarely come with screen sizes smaller than 9 inches, but the DPT-Group is one of the few companies out to change that with its tablet PC, first seen at CES as the Cynovo C7.

Since that first appearance, more information has become available and the tablet has received a small spec bump with the processor going up to a 1.6GHz Atom Z530 from the original 1.33GHz option. A lower cost model with the 1.1GHz Z510 is also available. Other specs include confirmation of the display as a 7-inch WSVGA capacitive touch screen supporting multi-touch, 1GB of RAM, 8 or 16GB local flash storage, 1.3MP webcam, b/g WiFi, Bluetooth, optional 3G, GPS, phone functionality (with a SIM card slot), support for SDHC cards, and an HDMI output. Battery life is also a very respectable 6 hours.


It's good to see the DPT Tablet/Cynovo C7 coming along pretty nicely and in the video by jkkmobile below, the attractive design, size, multi-touch screen, and general performance look promising. Pricing is unknown but may be on the costly side being estimated between $500 to $700.

Also in the video a cheaper, budget tablet PC is shown also with a 7-inch screen, but at a lower WVGA resolution, running a 1.1GHz Atom Z510, and Windows XP instead of Win7. The exact specs and pricing are currently unknown.

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2 thoughts on “DPT-Group Cynovo C7 tablet makes appearance at CeBIT with updated specs

  • “reminds me of some kind of vegetable phone” LMAO. that’s funny. On a serious note, Why the hell they always copy the home button? Can it look like something else aside from the iconic circle button with square in the middle?

  • I think the video could be better if cameraman and demonstrator are different persons. Because I was feeling like it was quite difficult for him to show the features and demo by only 1 hand as his other hand was busy. First 37 to 40 secs was completely wasted in showing port and USB and border of the tablet rather than it’s actual working.


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