Enso zenPad gives us another Android tablet, looks similar to eviGroup Wallet

Even though it hasn't been fully established if there's a true market for a tablet device not named iPad, these no-name Android tablets just keep coming and coming. The latest entry is the Enso zenPad, a 5-inch Android tablet that appears to be related to the long-overdue eviGroup Wallet MID that has been promised since last year. For those of us in the States, this constant barrage of inexpensive tablets is more like a tease since they rarely are sold here, only this time it's different.

Keeping an almost identical look to the Wallet, Enso apparently worked out a better deal with the Chinese manufacturer, because the zenPad is available and shipping now, either direct from the Enso website or through eBay. For $155, the eager customer can get the non-GPS model with a Samsung ARM11-based 667MHz processor powering Android 1.6, an 800×480 screen, 256MB RAM, and 1GB of internal storage. In addition, an 8GB microSDHC card is included and there is an optional $35 micro 3G dongle that is voice-ready with the use of a third-party app. If GPS is your thing, then there is an upgraded model with the identical specs plus GPS for $180.

For a few more pictures of the zenPad and the unique micro 3G dongle, follow past the break to see if this might be the device to hold you over until the Mini 5 is unleashed by Dell.


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