Great cases and accessories from PDair for most popular handhelds

Pdair Obsessive-compulsive would probably be an understatement when describing my use of carrying cases for all of my gear. I'm the current owner of both a Fujitsu U810 and U820, and you better believe they're cozy in their leather cases. While Fujitsu happens to offer the great "Executive" leather case like I'm using, many devices would be considered orphans when it comes to accessories.

After reading Jenn's review of the all-new UH900, I have to admit just a tinge of jealousy, so I looked on Fujitsu's website to see what case options they have for the new device, just in "case" I decide to get one. Well, nothing there yet, so I decided to check out PDAir, who happens to carry hundreds of cases and other accessories for the latest technology. Sure enough, they offer a few different case options for the UH900.

Those of you with devices such as the Sharp NetWalker and the Sony VAIO P-series are also in luck, as are owners of the Fujitsu U-series and the Nokia N900. PDair's quality is top-notch, the prices are reasonable, and they are usually very quick to support new products. I've had their book-style case on my Toshiba Libretto U105 for nearly five years, and it still looks like new.

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Chris King

Chris King is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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