HTC EVO 4G to have Froyo by this Fall, Sprint releases developer’s guide

Evo_hdmi I'm really stretching here, but I will turn anything into an excuse to bring up Sprint's HTC EVO 4G as much as possible. Even though the EVO 4G is probably 90-120 days away from landing at Sprint, here I go talking about its first Android update, not to mention the developer's guide that may as well be written in another language, since I'm not a developer.

Still, the news today that the large-screened beauty will more than likely have Android 2.2, also known in friendlier circles as Froyo, by this Fall is welcome news. Supposedly this will be the first Android build that lessens the fragmentation problem that's plagued Windows Mobile for years. In addition, Froyo should give Google the ability to push OS updates out to everyone, since carrier customizations will become a thing of the past. Maybe Google can also see fit to include a few basic functions that are currently missing, so it won't be necessary to fall back to another platform.

But before the EVO 4G gets here, Sprint has decided to release a developer's guide in order to give those people smart enough to assemble their bits of code ample time to work on some apps. Areas of focus include the HDMI video output, front-facing camera, and 4G wireless, all of which are uncharted territory for a smartphone here in the US.

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