Interesting list of devices that our readers crave for their money


About two weeks ago, I decided a nice hypothetical-themed post was in order, so I asked everyone what they would buy if $1000 were to suddenly become available. With the no-strings-attached tag, most of you came up with some great choices, and a few even mirrored my own. Of course, there were also a few readers who thought it might be more prudent to just save their money and wait until the right device came along.

Even though the initial post was not an official poll, I decided to go through the responses and log how many times each device was mentioned, and I did this very unscientifically. Since a few responders skated around the question more than answering it, I only counted the responses that actually mentioned a specific product, like say a Fujitsu UH900, and skipped the ones that wanted a non-existent device or variant.

For the complete list, and the surprise top choice, follow on past the break. And keep an eye out for the one unbelievable vote-getter, which I have to say would make a fine choice with the left over coin. Here's a hint: it doesn't have a touchscreen, doesn't run Android, and it comes in a rainbow of colors.

Without further ado, here is the list of what our readers would buy with their $1000, as of March 9, 2010. Some of the votes are for product categories that we don't cover here at Pocketables, like eBook readers and larger notebooks, but I went ahead and included them just for reference. Total votes are in parentheses:

  • Nokia N900  (9)
  • Apple iPad  (5)
  • Dell Mini 5  (5)
  • Notion Ink Adam  (4)
  • Viliv N5  (3)
  • HTC HD2  (3)
  • Pandora  (3)
  • Alienware M11X  (2)

The following devices all had only one vote each: Google Nexus One, Archos 9, Fujitsu UH900, Motorola Milestone, HP TouchSmart TM2, Moblic E7, HP Slate, iPod touch, Sony VAIO P, iPhone 3GS, Microsoft Courier, iRex DR800SG, HP iPAQ Glisten, Viliv X70EX, Viliv S7, WITS A81, SmartQ V7, Entourage eDGe, and gummy worms.

As the top vote-getter, the Nokia N900 edged out what I thought would be the…hold up a just a minute. Gummy worms? Was that seriously a choice? Yes, the tasty candy was actually mentioned by one commenter, so now you know where my "rainbow of colors" hint came from.

So back on track now, the Nokia N900 was chosen more than the Viliv N5HTC HD2, and the Apple iPad, which surprised me. I already knew the Maemo-based smartphone was a great device since I've had one for a few months now, but I had no idea it was in such demand, especially with all the Android-frenzy out there. As for low votes, the Fujitsu UH900 only garnered one potential customer, even though I can think of one current owner who is enjoying hers, and I would have almost guaranteed the Viliv N5 to be more eagerly awaited.

With plenty of new handhelds and smartphones on tap over the next few months, I'm sure it will be interesting to look at this list again toward the end of 2010 to see how things have changed. My guess is that about two-thirds of the devices will be somewhat forgotten, but at least it was fun to see what we're all craving today.

Thanks to everyone who commented!

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