iriver plans to stir up e-dictionary market with WiFi-equipped, HD-capable D1000


Android tablets seem to be a dime a dozen at CeBIT this year, but not forgetting the rest of the tech world outside Hanover, we bring you news on the interesting upcoming iriver D1000 e-dictionary. We have covered quite a few e-dictionary products here on Pocketables over the years, including a few from iriver such as the D26 and D5. The new D1000 continues the company's Dicple lineage but brings some exciting new features to the table including WiFi connectivity, simple web browsing, and 720p HD video playback, creating an interesting e-dictionary, MID, PMP hybrid device.


Other specifications include a 4.3-inch 480×272 touch screen, 8 or 16GB of local storage with support for microSD, T-DMB TV reception, basic Flash 3.0 capabilities, support for a wide range of document, picture, audio, and video formats (including less common formats such as FLAC, APE and MKV), and a 1350mAh battery giving 15 hours use as an e-dictionary, 28 hours for audio, 7 hours for video playback, and 5 hours for T-DMB TV viewing.

The very compact device also has a "pebble keyboard," is available in either white or pink, and weighs in at a handy 8.4oz, with dimensions of 5.5 x 3.2 x 0.7 (W x H x D) inches. Check out the teaser page on iriver's website for more details including the rest of the specs, but be warned that it's in Korean and as graphics, the text can't be translated by online translating tools.


Although I don't follow e-dictionaries closely, the D1000 sounds like a very impressive product in the category with lots of additional web and multimedia capabilities that make it a pretty versatile device. The neat size and design are also appealing with a keyboard that looks ideal for thumb typing. Unfortunately there currently isn't any information on the release date or price, not to mention if we will be seeing it outside of Korea. But remembering that the D5 is available in the US, there may be cause for cautious optimism that we'll be seeing the D1000 at some point in the future.


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