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Is a 64GB Zune HD on the horizon? [Update: firmware v4.5 on the way]


Evidence of a 64GB Zune HD has surfaced with a brief surprise appearance on Microsoft's official Zune website shown in the screen capture above, listing a Zune HD 64 along with the existing 16 and 32GB models. The new model has since been removed without a trace leaving us all wondering whether we can look forward to a higher capacity Zune HD or if it was simply a mistake.

As one of the few devices on the market to use the original nVidia Tegra processor, the Zune HD is a great all-round media player with impressive performance, well designed form and UI, and decent MID capabilities. Although we are living in an age of ever increasing device convergence, I for one still prefer to have specialized devices for certain uses, such as a dedicated high capacity music/media player, with a Zune HD 64 potentially fitting the bill nicely. Who else would be tempted by a new addition to the Zune HD family?


Update: We forgot to mention that a firmware update, version 4.5, is set to be released in the next few weeks for the Zune HD bringing additional codec support including Xvid, implementation of the SmartDJ function, and the ability to browse and stream music from Zune Marketplace on your TV. Check out Engadget for a video demonstration and the full press release from Microsoft.

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