ITG xpPhone shown at IIC-China Expo 2010

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Although we've come to know quite a lot about the ITG xpPhone over the last few months, so many of its recent appearances have been in private meeting rooms and one-on-one testing sessions that it began to look like the AMD-powered UMPC/phone hybrid was hiding something. Why else would it only show off its 4.8" touchscreen face behind closed doors?

Turns out that it was just trying to overcome a case of stage fright because at last week's International IC-China Conference and Exhibition in Shenzhen, the xpPhone stood tall (and fully functional) in a fairly prominent spot within Microsoft's Windows Embedded booth. Nothing about the device was revealed that we didn't already know, but ITG sent me some photos of the event (below) and promised to keep in touch with news about further appearances, availability information, and a review sample.

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2 thoughts on “ITG xpPhone shown at IIC-China Expo 2010

  • With the HD2, Incredible, Streak and others on the horizon.. this device is quickly becoming irrelevant.. if it wasn’t already. 3 months ago, i would’ve been in one for in all likelihood.

  • It’s good to finally see one outside a controlled environment. It looks like you’re starting to get some nice exclusive photos from the ITG folks, Jenn…


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