MAG Digital’s tablet appears as rebranded iMito IM7 with full specs


Previously showcased during CeBIT, the MAG Digital WinCE tablet, also known as the MDT70CT, caught our attention with its simple, minimalist design, impressive media capabilities, and highly customized Windows CE interface that had more than a passing resemblance to Android. Originally said to be available to distributors within a month, it looks like the tablet has already been picked up by a company and rebranded as the iMito IM7 to be released in China.

Along with some new attractive images of the MID and its interface, iMito has released full specifications of the device previously unavailable at CeBIT. Check out the full list and new images after the break.

7" TFT LCD resistive touch screen, WVGA resolution (800×480)

ARM11-based processor at 800MHz


Built-in 4GB NandFlash with support for MicroSD cards up to 32GB

High-Speed USB OTG 2.0, and USB Host 1.1

Built-in 1400mAh lithium polymer battery

1080p Full HD video playback

Built-in HDMI video output interface

Built-in 300,000 pixel VGA webcam and microphone

Built-in GPS Navigation Module

Built-in WiFi

Support for external 3G Module 

Built-in G-Sensor/Accelerometer

Overall it's a pretty decent list of specifications and to top it off, the IM7 is apparently only 14mm thick. There are still question marks over the CPU for me, as at CeBIT it was previously specified as a dual-core Telechips processor, whereas here it is merely listed as an ARM11-based chip. To achieve the 1080p video playback a plain ARM11 wouldn't suffice, so it is likely to be something more exotic, like the nVidia Tegra for example.

But until MAG Digital or iMito release the specs of the chip we can't be sure. Although the WinCE interface looks impressive, I'm still hoping we will see an Android version sooner rather than later. How do you think the IM7 compares to other media-centric MIDs like the Archos 5 Android, WITS A81, and the upcoming Archos Home Tablets? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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