MAG Digital’s WinCE tablet features an Android-esque interface


Following on from the Skytone Alpha convertible tablet, MAG Digital was also showing off another interesting looking device at CeBIT. Caught in another informative video from Charbax of ARM devices, the MDT70CT MID has a 7" WVGA resistive glass touch screen, WiFi, GPS, is capable of 1080p HD video playback, has an HDMI output, and includes support for microSD and USB host capabilities.

But perhaps most interesting is the operating system, a customized version of Windows CE 6.0 that looks quite a bit like Android. Another curious bit of information is the identity of the processor, with the MAG representative stating it used a dual-core Telechips CPU, although the exact model was not stated. Unfortunately, the MID shares the relatively short battery life of the Skytone Alpha at around 2 hours. As for price and availability, the same ballpark figures and timescales were quoted with the expected price between $200 to $250 and the product being available for potential distributors in about a month. Quizzed on whether we would be seeing Android on the MID, the answer was an oblique "maybe later," so we'll have to wait and see on that front.

As is though, the customized WinCE interface looks pretty good and seems to perform quite well, although I definitely would have liked to have seen some web browsing and HD video playback performance. I also quite like the simple, clean design with the thin bezel, brushed metal border, and matte plastic back. If the media capabilities are as good as claimed and the web browsing experience is decent, this could be quite a nice candidate for a home tablet style device like the recently announced Archos Home Tablets. Check out the full video below and let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “MAG Digital’s WinCE tablet features an Android-esque interface

  • Win CE are not that bad like people think. Mio’s V780 7 inch Navigation/MID is running WinCE also. WinCE is OK if you customize a UI on top of it, like those Nvidia Tegra carousel UI that they Demoed few years back. Unfortunately, It didn’t see the light of day. The Mio moov’s UI is close to the carousel UI thou. And it is running Tegra. SO they prolly transfer it there. Plus the fact that Almost all navigation software and maps runs on CE. That is why I have 8 navigation software on my WM phone.

  • Very well demonstrated the Tablet and it’s features. I felt it shown complete functionality of tablets and different options of it. It was really nice tablet. And I really liked its graphic effect and resolution. As it’s so clear and given feel of 3d picture quality.


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