Nexus One now cleared for landing on AT&T, $529 in unlocked trim

For those AT&T customers who still find themselves cursing Google in a fit of rage and jealousy everytime they see the sweet Nexus One playing on the T-Mobile network, it's therapy time. Well, sort of, because Google has set free an unlocked 3G-compatible version of the Android beauty for Luke Wilson's favorite network, assuming you pony up the $529 Google is asking.

Our friends in Canada are also in luck, because this new version will work on Rogers Wireless up north. The specs remain the same, with the exception of the new 3G frequencies (850/1900/2100 MHz), so this handset remains the de facto "it" phone for Android lovers. With the 1GHz Snapdragon, OLED touchscreen, Android 2.1, and Google's full attention, the Nexus One will soon be available on three of the top four networks in the US once Verizon gets theirs in the near future, with Sprint being the only one left out.

I've been very close a few times to grabbing the T-Mobile unlocked version, but have always decided against it. But now that I could use my iPhone SIM in the Nexus One and enjoy full 3G speeds, it's getting harder to resist, especially with the Dell Mini 5 (aka Streak) being delayed for so long. Not only that, but as the flagship device, the Nexus One will clearly have the full support of Google, while the HTC HD2 ends up being stuck on the lame duck WM6.5 platform.

So has anyone ordered one of these, or is there anyone thinking about doing it?

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