T-Mobile stores showing HTC HD2 to customers ahead of launch

Tmo_hd2_319Given that T-Mobile stores across the US have all the promotional signage we showed you yesterday ready for next week's HTC HD2 launch, it would stand to reason that they've already got the actual handset too, right?

There's no telling just how many of these Snapdragon-powered beauties each shop has in the back room, but when Chris (our Contributing Editor) visited one of the largest stores in his hometown of Texas and inquired about the unadvertised phone's whereabouts, the manager stepped away from the counter and returned with the properly branded HD2 encased in a nice HTC silicone skin.

Chris was under the watchful eye of the T-Mobile employees as he pawed the 4.3" WVGA capacitive touchscreen, so he was only able to take two quick pics in dim lighting with his iPhone 3GS (below) while the manager highlighted some of the entertainment features of the HD2, namely the inclusion of the Transformers movies (just like in the posters) and Blockbuster rentals. Although the manager was probably supposed to wait for the 24th to show off the phone, he at least stuck to his guns about not selling it until then.

*sigh* Just five more days before the T-Mobile HD2 can take the sad, empty spot in my hands left by the unlocked, unbranded one I sold a few weeks ago. Could time move any slower?



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12 thoughts on “T-Mobile stores showing HTC HD2 to customers ahead of launch

  • Stopped by a store in Minnesota. Played with an HD2 for 40 minutes. They said I was the only one all day that asked about it. They clearly had been well trained on the device. They answered every question I had. Can’t wait. It is everything you have heard.

  • I was very happy with my first HD2 and with all the improvements in the T-Mo version, I know I’ll be even happier with my second one! :-)

  • Avatar of Fred Beiderbecke

    I stopped by and asked about it. Was given one of the brick demo mockups to see. They claimed they didn’t have any in the store.

  • Avatar of Fred Beiderbecke

    Another thing, I asked about the price (to get confirmation of the 199/449 price) and the first person told me about 500 with a two year plan and the other guy said he didn’t know.

  • The manager that was helping me knew all about the device, and by them having the demo units so soon, T-Mobile has clearly made this phone launch a priority. Good for T-Mobile, this is probably the best phone they’ve ever had, plus their 3G network is finally humming along to take advantage of it.

    Also, he showed me the Nokia Nuron, the white phone in the leaked promo materials that Jenn posted the other day. I guess that’s a new phone also, I haven’t kept up with it.

  • Avatar of Seventeener

    Hei, you could do the Droste effect by taking this same photo and putting it on the web page several times!

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    I have got this smartphone a week before and i m impressed with its brilliant and massive 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen with multitouch support. HTC Sense offers a more user-friendly and customizable user experience and also equipped with a 1GHz processor and 5-megapixel camera.Its simply the best Windows Mobile phone in cell phone market.

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  • HD2 vs Nokia N900 – which one would you use more often?

  • Avatar of Fred Beiderbecke

    Just got back with mine. Unfortunately I have meetings for the next few hours and will not be able to play.

    Went full price, seems to be a little cheaper over the two years and no contract to worry about.

  • I was first in line while on vacation down in Fl. However, when they started to ring it up it came in quite a bit higher than the $199 I was quoted in the store the prior day. They had no idea why, but wouldn’t budge. I called in on 611 and they told me they pulled the HD2 from the upgrade pricing prior to the launch. I was so upset that TMobile once again screwed their loyal customers that I tossed it back to him and walked out. My contract is up this summer and it looks like Verizon or Sprint.


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