uSmart shows off its tiny UMPC, magnifying glass optional


For those of you with poor vision, Sun Power Technology's tiny creation being shown off at CeBIT right now is probably the last thing you want to see. But if you happen to think even an eagle has blurry vision when compared to your own, this tiny uSmart might be right up your alley. Same thing applies to fans of the UMID mbook M1 and the newer mbook BZ because the uSmart has the same 4.8-inch screen, though actually running at an easier-on-the-eyes 800×480 compared to the mbooks' 1024×600 resolution.

In addition to the aforementioned screen, which is a resistive touch affair, the rest of the specs are fairly common: Atom Z530 1.6GHz, 512MB RAM, 4GB flash storage, WiFi, and Windows XP. While the flash storage is on the low side, there is a microSD slot to help store your goodies, plus a full-size USB port.

Peep the video after the break, courtesy of Charbax at ARMdevices, plus another screengrab of that "interesting" keyboard.


For some reason, Sun Power thought the standard QWERTY keyboard we're so fond of needed to be reinvented, so they have done just that by providing an extremely cramped version, along with separate zones at the bottom edge that keep the "escape" and "space" keys from their normal positions. Also, there is a cursor control / media playback control on the lower right, which isn't a half-bad idea considering it keeps it off the screen bezel.

Estimated price according to the video should be under $500, but availability is unknown at this time. The demo unit is apparently just a prototype, so hopefully there is time to change the color scheme and rethink that keyboard layout, because otherwise this thing will have a tough time competing with the UMID line and the upcoming Viliv N5.

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