Convert micro-SIM to standard mini-SIM, perfect for next-gen iPhone

Micro_sim For most GSM phone users, it's always been easy to rotate multiple phones onto a subscribed line by swapping out the tiny SIM card. The most common SIM, also known as a 2G or mini-SIM, has been is use for some time and enables pretty much any GSM phone from anywhere in the world to work with a SIM from any carrier, assuming the required frequencies are available on the handset.

The micro-SIM, which is also known as a 3FF or Mini-UICC form factor, is not a new standard, as it's been around since at least 2003. Mainly used in embedded smart devices up until now, it's about to get a huge boost by being featured in the iPad 3G and according to what we've seen lately, the next-gen iPhone. Carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, as well as Orange, Vodafone, O2, and simyo in Europe, will soon begin offering the micro-SIM.

But what about us "SIM Switchers" who like to use multiple handsets? Well, over at MicroSIM-Shop, they have a fantastic solution that consists of a small plastic adapter in the shape and size of a standard SIM, with the middle hollowed out to accept a micro-SIM. Since the actual contact areas of both SIM types are identical, this is simply a mechanical solution that will be compatible with any device. It's even possible to take a current SIM and trim it down to the smaller format, and then use it in conjunction with the micro-SIM adapter.

The adapters are available in single piece (4.99 EUR) or 5-piece (9.99 EUR) orders with free worldwide shipping from Austria. It seems like a legit webstore, but we'll see what happens since I've ordered a set of five, which I should have next week. At least I'll be ready to continue my swapping ways when I get my iPad 3G and next-gen iPhone.

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