Convert micro-SIM to standard mini-SIM, perfect for next-gen iPhone

Micro_sim For most GSM phone users, it's always been easy to rotate multiple phones onto a subscribed line by swapping out the tiny SIM card. The most common SIM, also known as a 2G or mini-SIM, has been is use for some time and enables pretty much any GSM phone from anywhere in the world to work with a SIM from any carrier, assuming the required frequencies are available on the handset.

The micro-SIM, which is also known as a 3FF or Mini-UICC form factor, is not a new standard, as it's been around since at least 2003. Mainly used in embedded smart devices up until now, it's about to get a huge boost by being featured in the iPad 3G and according to what we've seen lately, the next-gen iPhone. Carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, as well as Orange, Vodafone, O2, and simyo in Europe, will soon begin offering the micro-SIM.

But what about us "SIM Switchers" who like to use multiple handsets? Well, over at MicroSIM-Shop, they have a fantastic solution that consists of a small plastic adapter in the shape and size of a standard SIM, with the middle hollowed out to accept a micro-SIM. Since the actual contact areas of both SIM types are identical, this is simply a mechanical solution that will be compatible with any device. It's even possible to take a current SIM and trim it down to the smaller format, and then use it in conjunction with the micro-SIM adapter.

The adapters are available in single piece (4.99 EUR) or 5-piece (9.99 EUR) orders with free worldwide shipping from Austria. It seems like a legit webstore, but we'll see what happens since I've ordered a set of five, which I should have next week. At least I'll be ready to continue my swapping ways when I get my iPad 3G and next-gen iPhone.

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12 thoughts on “Convert micro-SIM to standard mini-SIM, perfect for next-gen iPhone

  • Which iPad did you get? 16, 32, or 64. I got the 64GB Wi-Fi and using a MiFi, but might be taking the MiFi back and getting the Sprint OverDrive. The MiFi is actually working real slow. I had the tethering option in my BB Storm that I would use with all my devices and would get around 1.2 – 1.5. Download. With the MiFi I am getting around .80-1.1 download and most of the time it loads pages very slow. I also got the CradlePoint to try and it worked great but just didn’t like having to hook up the phone with cable just more to carry when I just wanted to take something light. The MiFi you can just throw in your pocket and go.

  • This is an awesome news for AT&T subscribers but not too good for T-mo and other GSM’s. They still could not use their Sims on Apple Products.

  • I actually bought a 16GB WiFi on launch day, but I still have my preordered 64GB+3G on the way. Guess I was impatient, didn’t want to wait an extra month empty-handed :-)

    I also have a MiFi, and a few Cradlepoints with Clear 4G USB modems, but nothing beats having that “instant-on” 3G feature. Keep in mind, the Overdrive has some huge issues right now that Sierra Wireless is working on. I bought an OD the week they came out, but returned it within a week and reactivated the MiFi.

    If you search through the forums at EVDOforums, you’ll see the issues I’m talking about. There have been two firmware updates since I returned mine, and some of the problems have been fixed, like slow speeds with the iPhone/iPod touch. The OD has a hard time locking onto 4G signals, and when it does, the speeds are sometimes slower than 3G on the MiFi.

    Best Buy has the OD for $50 right now (no rebates required, 2-year contract), plus you get that cool case that holds the iPad and the Overdrive in their own pockets. I’ll tell you what, it’s tempting…

  • I wonder if the dev group will ever be able to unlock the next-gen iPhone or iPad?

  • Yeah I have seen the problems with the OD but the other thing is there is no 4G in my area but if and when they released it I would have the OD and hopefully the issues worked out. But I also know Verizon will be releasing LTE later this year. Hmm have to decide what to do, still have time to take the MiFi back and try Sprint or with Sprint 30 worry free guarantee I could just get that one as well to try both. I’m also tempted to get the iPad 3G for the GPS.

  • I think this is the final nail in the coffin. Eventhou they unlock the next gen iPhones/iPads, Other GSM carriers does not have a Micro SIM. Since the MiroSim slot is smaller than the regular sim, Adapters wont work.

  • Yeah, I’m sure Apple isn’t using the microSIM just to save space, they probably want to stop the unlocking. I’m curious to see how the adapters I ordered work, and keep in mind, you can take the regular size SIM from any provider and cut it down to the same size as the microSIM.

  • For 3G-only use, the OD works flawlessly. You can set it so it is locked into 3G only, so it’s not constantly looking for 4G service. The LCD is a huge help to get battery and user info, instead of having to login to the web portal like on the MiFi.

    Also, the OD takes about 90 seconds to fully boot up, which is over twice as long as the MiFi. But if you were buying it as a future-proof device, it would be a great idea for when 4G service is available in your area.

  • Oh wow. I did not know that. According to the site, You can just cut your regular SIM to the size of MicroSim and use it with the iPad. Now, If you want to use that cut out sim back to regular SIM, You need their adapter. Is that correct?

    Well I guess the iPhone Unlocking won’t stop there. HAHAHA! What the hell Apple is thinking? They just cut the plastic around the copper area of the regular sim? Then call it new technology? That’s Bogus!

  • Yup, that’s what makes the adapters so useful…they don’t have any contatcts, it just holds the smaller SIM.

  • Guys, as far as I know, there is no need to buy two Ipad data plans! I heard there is a thing called micro sim adapter. Basically, u put ur microsim card inside it, and then u can use it in both Ipad and Iphone. I googlesearched it and found this site that sells it: gomicrosim . com They say it costs 4.5 EUR. They also seem to offer the sticker guide to cut the regular simcard into the microsim. According to my calculations it should save me 1440$, since now I have no need to buy another 2 years plan with AT&T.


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