Dell Mini 5 could also be headed for T-Mobile


Regarding the launch of the highly anticipated Dell Mini 5/Streak, we have previously only heard rumors of the tablet being released in the US with AT&T based on its support for the company's network, with further news last week that it may be available through Telefonica/O2 in Europe and the UK as well. It now seems likely that the device will also launch with T-Mobile in the US following the discovery of an FCC filing showing a version of the Mini 5 with support for the network's WCDMA Band IV. It looks like Dell is definitely trying to reach as many potential consumers as possible by making the Mini 5 available through multiple carriers.

Questions still remain about the exact release date and the final subsidized and unsubsidized prices. We're also unsure what version of Android the tablet will run, with prototypes so far using 1.6 but Dell stating it will ship with a newer version. The company has also reiterated that the Mini 5 will be upgradeable as new versions of Android are released.

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2 thoughts on “Dell Mini 5 could also be headed for T-Mobile

  • I can’t wait for this device to be released!

  • Anyone else see all the other dell phones that leaked today, All I can say is WOW. Some of those look real nice.


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