Dell Streak to get Android 2.1, accessories galore later this year

On the heels of the Dell smartphone leaks yesterday, we have a bit more than a speck of new info on the often-discussed, never-shy Streak. In the big stack of product sheets that the guys and gals over at Engadget graciously shared with everyone, there's word that the Streak will indeed be getting an Android 2.1 OTA update by September, plus a slew of cool accessories.

Of course, when the Streak will actually be released is still unknown, but there's new documentation showing that a WiFi-only model will be available, in addition to the 3G-capable model we've previously seen. The full specs are now pretty much official, with the 5-inch tablet toting 512MB ROM, 256MB RAM, and a 2GB non-user accessible microSD for system and application files. The 1GHz QSD8250 Snapdragon was already known, as well as the 5.0MP AF camera and front-facing VGA camera.

As for those accessories, there will be such things as a Car Dock Kit (MSRP $49.99) and a Home AV Dock Kit (MSRP $69.99) to go along with the obligatory Extra Battery Kit (MSRP $54.99). There will also be a wide range of color choices, nine in all, just like we saw last month, with names like New Cherry Red, Passion Purple, and Gecko Green.

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8 thoughts on “Dell Streak to get Android 2.1, accessories galore later this year

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    where is the wifi only option mentioned?

    also, what price would it be available at? and would it have google’s android market?

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    thanks, now then archos 5, archos 7 or dell streak, decisions decisions…

    heh, maybe a dell and a archos 7, as the former seems to have a more “interesting” screen. In-cell tft, i wonder if thats the same as that screen tech used on the ipad for improved visibility at angles.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the WiFi-only version didn’t come with the “real” Android Market. On the Nexus One (and maybe other Android phones?), you can only access free apps if a SIM card isn’t installed. I’ve been told that this is because of region checks and some sort of carrier agreements Google has, but that doesn’t make me feel better.

    There are some good free apps, yes, but the better stuff usually comes with a price. And I can’t even look at what’s out there without putting in a SIM. I know it’s my own fault for buying a phone and not using it as one, but I still think the restriction is annoying. I have put my iPhone SIM in it just to see what’s available before, but in general it’s too cumbersome and rarely ever worth the trouble.

  • Have you also noticed that different apps appear/disappear when the SIM is in and Airplane mode is toggled on or off? Weird…

    I hadn’t even noticed the paid apps don’t show without a SIM, this is the first time I’ve ever used mine without the SIM. It’s back in the iPhone :-)

  • Since the Wi-fi will be the optional for the Streak, Does it mean that it will be marketed as a phone?

  • It looks like there will actually be a WiFi-only model, in addition to the 3G/WiFi model. It’s mentioned in the slide I linked to at the top of this comment thread.


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