Dell’s extended family of Streak tablets revealed in leaked photos


When the Dell Mini 5 (aka Streak) was demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, Dell revealed that the device would not be a one-off product, but the first in an eventual family of products. The recent release of the Dell Mini 3 (aka the Dell Aero) Android smartphone lent some credence to the statement but left us waiting to see if the company had more Streaks/Minis up its sleeve.

It looks like the wait could be over as Engadget has received a few images and an internal company announcement of 7- and 10-inch additions to the Streak/Mini tablet family. The leaked information also states that the Aero smartphone would be launching with AT&T this June, with the Streak (Mini) 5 to follow later in the summer. As for the newly discovered additions, we are likely to see the 7-inch tablet become available in late 2010 and the 10-inch model in early 2011. The final naming for the tablet series seems to be unclear, with the new information using the Streak name when we previously thought they had adopted the Mini name. To further add to the confusion, the new tablets shown in the images have a Mini branding in the top left corner.

Since the breaking of the original story, Dell has released a short statement basically stating that it hasn't made any new product announcements and won't comment on "speculation, rumor, or unannounced products." Focusing back on the two smaller tablets that interest us at Pocketables, what do you make of this new leaked information and the prospect of a 7-inch version of the Mini/Streak 5?

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