Many iPhone apps will become Universal, offer compatibility with iPad


Earlier this week, Apple updated iTunes to version 9.1 in anticipation of the launch of the ever-magical iPad this Easter weekend. In addition to watching their kids scramble around looking for those brightly colored eggs, parents will be scrambling to fill up their new toy with apps, but if they already have an iPhone or iPod touch, it'll be crazy simple with no additional cost involved for apps that have already been purchased once.

Starting yesterday, iPad-specific apps were already taking up residence in the App Store, but many of the current iPhone apps are being updated to Universal applications. As you can see in the above screenshot of my iTunes library, there is now a new category for apps that work across all devices, and I was prompted to update those four apps. Many developers will probably end up taking this route at first, choosing to update their apps to upscale properly onto the new larger screen.

These new Universal versions contain a small "+" icon in the App Store and state "This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad," plus they will appear separately in searches for both general and iPad-only apps. Once selected, there is a toggle button that will switch to the screenshot views for each version, not including any HD apps that are designed strictly for the iPad.


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25 thoughts on “Many iPhone apps will become Universal, offer compatibility with iPad

  • Sneaky semi-roundabout way of writing about the iPad, Chris.

    I still haven’t checked to see which of my current apps will be universal. I was actually hoping Scrabble would be one of them but I saw on Mashable (still haven’t fired up iTunes to see anything for myself) that it’s a new iPad-specific app for $10. I hope companies that skip the universal route don’t stop supporting the iPhone/touch-only versions.

    Anyway, since this post should be the last one about the iPad here, I may as well say that I’ve heard conflicting reports about whether mine will really be delivered on Saturday. An email from Apple says no but someone on Twitter said he called UPS here and was told that they’d “try” to deliver as scheduled. I assume it won’t be here until Monday. Also, did you see ThinkGeek’s April Fools’ Day joke, the iCade, yesterday? That’s something my husband would have loved! I hope they end up making it, which is possible if demand is high enough. In related news, I got a shipment notification from Apple today that my iPad dock shipped. Hope it doesn’t arrive before the actual device!

    Are you camping out tonight for a WiFi-only version to make the wait for your 3G version more tolerable?

  • There will be no love for iPad =( I understand bcoz of the size of our pockets. I gotta chip in my 2 cents anyways. iPad will have 1200+ apps on release plus the universal ones is not a bad start. Palm pre had 12 apps on launch which made their progress very slow. I’m very excited about it especially the games. Unheard of on the UMPC era. Woooot!

  • And don’t forget all the existing non-universal iPhone apps that can still be used on the iPad too!

    Are you getting an iPad tomorrow?

  • I didn’t think you’d even notice the iPad references, Jenn :-)

    Last iPad post? Huh? Say what? Hopefully you have carefully bribed your UPS driver over the years with cold drinks and snacks, that way you get some preferential treatment and maybe a Sat. delivery.

    Yes, a friend forwarded that iCade thing to me, and I had clicked “Buy” within about 5 seconds of reading it…now that the idea’s out there, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar pop up eventually.

    As for the i**d, I’m not camping out, but I will probably go by the mall in the morning before work and see what the line looks like. I have a feeling it will be fairly easy to get the $599 and $699 versions tomorrow, since everyone will want that $499 model. If I have a chance to get one, I will and then just leave that one at home and use my 3G unit on the go.

  • Jethro, I’m going to try and find a trenchcoat or something that has pockets large enough to hold the iPad, that way we can convince Jenn to show it some love on the site :-)

  • Haha. The iPad posts belong on unpocketables or giantpocketables. And if you get it in a trenchcoat, then my new site Trenchcoatables will have some content. :-)

  • I’m thinking the 32GB wifi. Coz the bigger the resolution, The bigger files you get, esp. on games. 8GB is fine with me on iPhone.

    I gotta sell my older stuffs to make room for the newer ones.

  • I didn’t want to push my luck by remotely posting a “waiting in line for my iPad” article, so hopefully you guys see this.

    I am currently in line here at one of my local Apple Stores, where I have been for the past 90 minutes. I’m 4th in line for the walk-up purchases, there are about 20 people behind me. In the preorder line, there are about 60 people waiting, which doesn’t make sense since they could come pick them up at their leisure before 3PM.

    28 minutes to go for iPad bliss, since it’s just after 8:30AM here. The time in these lines always flies when I have all my mobile toys with me to keep me occupied. Currently multitasking with my SIM-less iPhone supplying the SiriusXM music, while I type this on the Nexus One…talk about the perfect way to handle multitasking – two devices!

  • I’m assuming you got your iPad already Chris. Man, I am on Engadget and just so jealous of people that owns 1 already. It’s amazing. I gotta go to the store and play with the display. I think Jenn will get hers on Monday.

  • Yes, I already have it jethro…was out of the store by 9:30AM, with a 16GB model and the Apple case. I didn’t get the dock, and the keyboard dock is not available yet, but I would rather use the easel function on the case with the Apple bluetooth keyboard anyways.

    This thing is absolutely incredible, and I’ve only been playing with it in between customers here at work. It’s a completely different experience than the iPhone, and the iPad-specific apps are gorgeous. Scrolling and pinch-zoom are so much easier with the extra screen size, and the keyboard is perfect…I have yet to make an error, and I have been able to use both hands to type.

    Now we just have to sit back and wait for Geohot to work his magic and get this thing jailbroken!

  • I see. In Engadget review, The pinch and zoom is amazing. I think it’s even better than the iPhone/iPad pinch and zoom. Plus the UI is so fluid on the transitions. Man, I am really intrigue with that A4.

    Geohot is working on untethered Jailbreak. He said that it might work with the iPad as well. It’s gonna be an exciting year!

  • Mine arrived just now. UPS’s second unscheduled delivery today. Very nice of them, though Apple really should’ve coordinated things a bit better and NOT sent out those emails a few days ago saying that Saturday delivery wasn’t available here.

    Syncing in progress right now. First one to use it will be my 4-month-old, who the iPad belongs to anyway. :-)

  • Avatar of robman84

    Jealous! Not launched over here in the UK for a few more weeks. Quick questions:

    * Can you charge it with a normal sync cable from an iPhone over USB? I notice it ships with a “10A USB adaptor” which sounds scary!

    * Can you use it with any bluetooth keyboard?



  • Avatar of robman84

    Sorry, 10W not 10A!! Too much chocolate today.

  • I haven’t even taken the 10W power supply out of the box, it charges fine with all of my existing iPhone cables using USB, plus it charges with my AV Component cable set and the AC adapter that comes with it.

    I have seen reports of charging problems on certain computers, but it probably just boils down to certain USB ports supplying a little less power.

    I have yet to try a BT keyboard, but it’s supposed to be compatible with any brand, not just the Apple model.

    So do you plan on getting an iPad when they arrive over there?

  • Thanks for the answers Chris

    I’d certainly *like* to get one when it comes out. Depends how much stuff I can bung through ebay in the next few weeks. Time to raid the attic to see what junk (I mean valuable old gadgets) can be sold.

    Does the iPad suffer from the iPhone’s limited number of visible app pages? I think it is shocking that Apple haven’t sorted a folder system out, given that a JB’d iPod/iPhone can have folders very nicely.

  • Nice! Now they will probably just wait for the 3.2 update for the iPhone/touch to drop, then they can finalize the new exploit and get it out there.

  • One man’s trash, another man’s treasure… :-)

    I’m not sure how many app pages are supported, but I have 5 or 6 on mine so far, mainly just the apps that were synched over from my iPhone. One neat trick is that the app dock now supports up to 6 icons at the bottom, which is great considering I have become so used to Five Icon Dock on my JB’ed iPhone.


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